Returning Home

For so many years I've wanted to start a blog, to share stories of the adventures of my life, my travels, the life experiences and valuable lessons I've learnt along the way. So what better way to start then from the beginning...

My return home to Africa, after travelling around the world for five years is where my real journey began. My photographic journey, my new appreciation for Africa, and a huge surprise that would change my life forever. 

I have been so blessed to have travelled as much as I have. I was eager to venture out in the world the moment I had the freedom to, it was far off places that excited me. Africa the beautiful country I grew up in no longer excited me. So from the standard two years of living in London, to escaping it's dismal winters travelling around New Zealand to finding myself flying to Mexico to start working on superyachts. Working on yachts took me all around the world. Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, America, Canada, Alaska, and then doing an ocean crossing to the Caribbean and furthermore another crossing to Spain and France. It was during this time through documenting my travels that I really truely discovered my passion for photography.

There are so many stories to share on all these crazy wild times I had, but today I'm sharing that after all these amazing experiences, I missed home. I missed that feeling of Africa, and how it's heart beats to a different drum. So I decided that I wanted to go home and study photography. 

I can't explain the feeling of arriving home, smelling the air and that dusty musk in the air. I went home to Botswana and enrolled in a full time photography course in Cape Town, South Africa. Excited about my new journey, I sat back and just enjoyed being home before my course began. After two months of being home, I found out I was pregnant. Yup, after reconnecting with an old friend from many years ago while looking at colleges in Cape Town I was pregnant. This wasn't a part of the plan..... or was it?

Confused and what I would probably call shocked, my mom told me to back a bag we going into the bush to visit your brother. And off we went..... just like most of my childhood memories. My mom took me on many road trips, they were my favorite. Years had gone by yet I still gazed out my window singing to my favorite, while my mom pretended she was paying no attention to me. It was the time I dreamt, it's where my desires were born, the stillness of being on the road, heading into nature and wilderness, I felt home again. 

That moment you know you home. There's no place other than Africa that you have to stop on the main road to let elephants cross, it a majestic land, one still untamed- and it's wonderful. I was surrounded again, so captivated that the rest of the world around me siezes to exist.

The first night we spent in Rhino Sanctuary, and it was magical. Before getting to our overnight stay we went for a drive. Rhino and baby?




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